The New Golden Treasury: A New Anthology for B.A. Classes

Motilal Banarsidass International

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  • ISBN: 9789390696437
  • Author: R.C.Prasad & M.Q.Towheed
  • Binding: PB
  • Language:  English
  • Subject: Literature
  • Pages: 231
  • Year of Publication: 2022

    About the Book: 

    This anthology is intended, in general, for anyone who wishes to acquaint himself with English poetry and, in particular, for the student-reader in undergraduate courses who may wish to have some of the best poems in the English language in one handy selection. In selecting for this book from the great bulk of English poetry, the editors have been guided by the notion that space should be given only to those poets who are acknowledge masters of imaginative writing, whatever their subject matter might be. From the poets so chosen, particular poems were selected for their characteristic excellence of substance and form. Wherever possible the pieces are complete, where space would not allow completeness, as in the case of dramatic pieces, enough has been given to suggest the nature of the total poem. In the course of their work the editors have been struck by the incisive implication Matthew Arnold's belief in 'The Best That Has Been Thought and Said' that the best said is commonly the best thought. They have, however, kept their eyes steadily on both the abilities and the limitations of students when they are faced with a piece of creative writing and that, too, in a language which is not their own. Their minds are accustomed, accustomed, perhaps, to work best at a literal that is an unimaginative level. The editors have, therefore, offered the sort of material which may be readily understood and immediately enjoyed. They have also tried to show the student-reader the characteristic types of poetry which have been written in the English language. The poets are arranged almost chronologically so that he can see how tastes and forms have changed even though the basic characteristics have remained constant. If he has to read poetry well, he must know what its characteristics are and what the poet is attempting to do. He must not expect the fully developed situations of the novel, the play or even the short story.